Uncertain traces 2015

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Aage Langhelle has been working for a long time with processed photography where the documentary photographic elements are gradually being disturbed and painted over until they become completely or partially abstract works of art. One example is the series Uncertain Maps.

In Uncertain Traces one can see a painted network of lines where the photo paper is the only photographic reference.

Through the means of ink and hand movements, Langhelle is creating an organic map between order and randomness. In the pictures, simple contrastive pairs are being relieved by multiple possible connections. Random order is mixing with ordered randomness.

In an overall perspective, one can regard many of Langhelle’s projects as artistic investigations into cultural as well as natural systems and structures. Natural structures that arise during the work process itself can be seen in the series Uncertain Maps. Informal and formal structures are emerging as cultural systems in urban space and society in the series Layers of Space and Layers of Space 2017.

Concept, content and formal aspects are sought to be tightly intertwined into a whole in each art work, as well as in the connection between the works.

The goal is pictures that are operating on various levels, a form of abstract poetry.



Uten navn2 

uncertain traces4

Uten navn4